Holy Deathsplat, Batman! Heoborea


Was toodling along just fine as lvl 47-48 Forge Guard, dying only 2-3 times in those levels due to missing the move-cues. Decent challenge - no conplaints.

Got to Heoborea and the spiders… Holy Hemorrhage. And then the Ice Caverns with the flying Ice Elementals and Bitterwing combos throwing ice at you en masse as you enter the doorways. I had to death zerg these over and over to clear them out. Health gone in an instant. Died at least 8 times in the caverns killing those ice spitters.

My Cold Resist isn’t as high as my best, but it’s still 34%. Either the mobs are too closely packed, or too strong for the expected progression.


Maybe don’t change anything. I hit the forge and clawed my Cold Resist up to 55%. Then I found the camp at the western end of Heoborean Forest filled with spiders and ice-throwing annoyances.

I went on a joyous spank-rage of revenge.

Yeah, don’t change it. I rather like the brutal wake-up call.


Just wait… plenty of those in the first 50-60 odd levels of main quest playthrough available right now… :wink:

Good fun to try and figure out what you are missing or did wrong with a build…


34% is a really small number for protection damage reduction. Though it’s also meaningless without your hp. But I’d say that’s your problem there… Even 55%'s not that tanky (IMO).

I remember that lightning throwing ghosts in D2, although I can’t recall their name (something with “soul”?). They were a challenge for everybody, 2 hitting almost every build.

Why not have some “nemesis” enemies that are really fearsome. If you are an experienced player you know where to find them and that they are deadly. So you will go in there with caution.

Not always a bad thing :wink:

Wait you are supposed to have 55% already by Heorborea? I actually just got ripped in ice caverns for the first time on a character. Offscreened by ice elementals. Had a vulnerability in the build. Oh well back to the drawing board.

Dream: make some alternate gear and carry with you. No need to scrap the build.

he said he just got “ripped” in the caverns… that’s a common term for people who play Hardcore.

meaning once you die, you’re done. lol probably what he means

Resist should be equal to or greater than the level of the zone. Then there should be other mitigations on top of that.

Like Frailty.

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Tried it out … got 103% on a titanblade and while its pretty useless against normal mobs that you kill quickly (a hit or two), it makes a noticeable difference against the rares/bosses - you dont kill quicker, but you can tank them just a little longer… almost like taking the edge off…

I’m feeling a lot of that with the changes. Apart from the painful patch-change that resulted in a necessary gear-shift, the changes feel good. Smoother.

I agree… initial headache aside, I’m pretty happy with the changes that have impacted my chars so far. Some will not be.,… but hey, I have been around the block with games for longer than some people here have been alive so I have a much more relaxed view… :wink:

Sounds like you and me are old players. Wizardry 1? :joy:

We’ve come a long way since the “joys” of 48K gaming.

:wink: and three hours of load-time via tape…


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