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Holy Aura Question

Just wondering how it works exactly. When specialized are the node bonuses only in effect when activated?

The effects are passively granted. Some nodes can give bonus effects when the aura is active.

Ok, good. I think it may have just looked like stats were not increasing because my base stats are so low. Not quite 50 yet.

Don’t know if it is just me, but the wording may be possibly misunderstood.

The bonuses of holy aura just apply to you when you have the skill in your bar and aura is active (golden glow around your feet).

You can get a temporarely effects boost if you activate holy aura again, when it is already active.

Holy Aura has both passive and active components just like Enchant Weapon. For the passive bonuses to take effect, it needs to be slotted on your bar. For the active bonuses to take effect, you have to press the button.

I am fairly sure the vast majority of its skill nodes apply only for the 4 seconds it is active. I think the only thing that applies when it is inactive is the 30% damage and +60 elemental protection. This is easily tested for most of the effects by opening the character sheet and activating the aura. Other benefits are more tricky to evaluate such as the health globe generator - it only works when aura is up but you have to go out and test it.

Almost every stat bonus is passively active unless it says otherwise and activating Holy Aura double all the passive stats you have chosen unless they state otherwise. I would know it never leaves my skill bar when I play Paladin.

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As Flylord says, unless a node states “while active” (eg, Flame Burst & Concentration) you get all the benefits while the skill isn’t active, but you get double the benefit while the skill is active. That said, if you’ve taken the Concentration node then Holy Aura won’t (or shouldn’t) give you any benefit while it’s inactive.

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I don’t get health globes unless aura is active.

I’d respec to double check but that’d cost too many points given the respec time where I am (level 50). :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You are right on the rest though, seems the character sheet has quite a delay on updating when you remove aura from the bar and put it back. Sorry for my mis-information.

That sounds like a bug then as there’s nothing on the node that says that it requires the skill to be active or not.

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