Holy Aura Flame Burst Node

Maybe this was already in consideration but i did not find anything on this. The Stacks needed for Flame Burst are not shown on the enemy. Would be good is this gets a Fix and the Stacks are shown like any other ailment.

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I actually ran across this myself tonight. This was the only related thread I found.

There is no stack indicator for Fiery Inquisition on the enemy nameplate, and as far as I could tell there wasn’t any other animation or damage for Flame Burst itself if it is going off. Based on the tooltip wording of the skill, I’m also unsure if the burst itself is supposed to center on the player and damage surrounding enemies, or center on the enemy with the stacks and damage only surrounding enemies and not the stacked target itself.

Flame Burst tooltip: “Your melee hits apply 10 stacks of Fiery Inquisition and the melee hits of other allies affected by the aura apply 1 stack. If an enemy reaches 60 stacks, the stacks are consumed to release a Flame Burst, dealing fire damage to surrounding enemies.”

Video Clip:

I havent used it in a long time but its procs on the enemy after that enemy takes the 6th hit or nowadays gets 60th stack, there was no visual indicator on the bar but the enemy has a flash of fire aoe around them

back in the olden days this build had arguably the highest clear speed with Warpath and the pull node as when you pulled groups of mobs you just did more and more explosions until the pack died

It is hard to see but it does work. You can actually see it better if you just use an Auto Attack on a dummy. I just thought an Indicator would be nice or just a better Animation.