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Holy Aura Flame Burst damage question (for warpath)

I’ve been trying to find the actual damage of Flame Burst, but can’t. Is it listed anywhere?

Considering whether to scale Flame Burst on my warpath paladin, or go crit. Leaning towards crit right now, seems like it scales better in end-game. Any opinions?

Dammitt’s build planner has it if you hover over the following node. It does 70 fire damage.

Thank you! Was only hovering over Flame Burst itself lol. 350% added damage scaling sounds pretty massive, time to experiment…

NP. Just so you understand how it works. Flame Burst is programmed as an ailment similar to Shadow Daggers. Each hit applies 1 “stack” & when you hit the cap it clears the stack & does damage. When you have Holy Aura active, each hit applies 2 stacks. Warpath’s 40% less (multiplicative) chance to apply stacks will affect this.

Huh, so THAT’S why it wasn’t going off near as much as I thought it should…