Hive Mind and Tainted Ammunition interaction bugs

i have fully specced into tainted ammunitions and converted my acid flask to fire, and my ballista shots are not igniting the dummy. i have also tried it in monos and it also does not work

here is a video showcasing the bug: ignite tainted ammunitions bug?
here is my gear/skills setup: Blade Dancer, level 100 (Beta / 0.9.2f) - Last Epoch Build Planner

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this seems to be a bugged interaction with Hive Mind and the said node.

if I have not equipped it, it works as expected tainted ammunition w/o hive mind

it seems bees are considered to be ballistas with the interaction:

hive mind + tainted ammunition @ 999+ ignites, up to 260k damage per tick
hive mind only @ 999+ ignites, up to 50k damage per tick

Yep, looks bugged. Dang it, I was gonna league start with basically this but Falconer. Do I switch or bug abuse?

Maybe it’s fixed in 1.0 (COPIUM)

just call them beelistas and we’re good to go! no more bugs to fix

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