Hit the wall at frost claw build

I’ve mostly followed Maxroll guide for Frost Claw runemaster, but somehow pathed away from it. Was doing pretty well, but I’ve hit the wall around 150 corruption monos. Here’s the char. I feel like I lack both offense and defense to reliably farm higher corruption. Did I’ve made some mistakes in my build? Or should I just grind for better gear? And what items should I prioritize (except for amulet, it is obviously underwhelming). Will appreciate any advice

I took a look at the guide you’re using.

For offense, you’re missing flat spell damage and cast speed from incorrect chestpiece base, and you’re also missing cast speed on your wand. You have a helmet affix that gives double crit chance increase when above 300 mana, but your build doesn’t have 300 mana. The same issue is in the guide too.

For defense, you’re missing 1400 health and 1200 armor that the guide expects you to have, and your resistances are overcapped.

That being said, I’m afraid fixing these things won’t help you much. The linked youtube video in that guide shows mediocre performance in monoliths and weak bossing (Heorot kill in ~2:30).

https://youtu.be/SwkCnWSp6po I made a video with the best build. I did this myself, testing all kinds of things. I do a real easy run at the end. 550 corruption. It could easily do 2k+ though. I just haven’t had time to get that far.

Thank you for your analysis. Think I should abandon this variation of build, and check guides better before start to follow them next time. I’d try to switch into Spark Charge version of Frost Claw.

Try Frostbite frostclaw on maxxroll, i used this build to learn it, as they cover a lot for noobs, i think most of us are noobs to LE myself included easy to read understand and learn, im easily doing 300 corruption, still working my way up, but after soo many monilith runs, it gets repetitive real fast, like any game doing the same ole thing over and over

In your current setup

Spell Freeze Rate Multiplier: 1431.41%
  • 32 Ward per Cast from Freeze Rate from Frost Claw
  • 12 Ward per Cast from Shiver Shell from Frost Claw
  • 32 Ward per Cast from RM passive Arcane Focus
  • 72 Ward per Cast of Area skills from RM passive Edict of the Scion

148 Ward per Cast, times 4 casts of Frost Claw.
With 42% chance to proc Nova, let’s say 2 Novas per Cast for simplicity, which means 104 Ward per Cast of Nova times 2.

148 * 4 + 104 * 2 = 592 + 208 = 800 Ward per Cast.
You have enough Cast Speed to cast over 5 times per second, so 800 * 5 = 4000 Ward per Second.

No wonder people think Ward is broken :rofl: