Hit a wall - moderate casual player

Hello. Been enjoying the game since it officially released and am intrigued by the crafting system. However, at this point, I have hit a wall where I can’t seem to reach the real endgame play.
Level 77 Void Knight. Beat campaign; have all idol and passive points.
Resistances all at 75%+ except 46% necro.
Block 34%, Armor 1050 (28%), Endurance 20%. Avoid critical strike 100%
Health 1255, 47 regen. Mana 138, 20 regen,
Vitality 25, Strength 23, Dex 21, Int 6 and Attunement 6.

Void damage skills:
Volatile Reversal: 2559 damage
Warpath: 8644 damage
Erasing Strike: 26,123 damage
Anomaly: - –
Void Cleave: 12,125 damage

Level 77 and I cant beat Level 66 Rahyeh, Level 24 Soulfire Bastion boss, Level 47 Arena Boss, or level 55 Temporal Sanctum boss.

Level 77, and I spend my time running echoes (level 58 Fall of the Outcasts, level 62 The Stolen lance or level 66 Black Sun). Can’t come close to beating the Shade or Orobyss. Yet, my level is much greater.

I did a few prophesies.

Any help? I feel stuck and not motivated to keep trying. Lots of one-shot kills by the bosses, and its is frustrating.


Maybe you have bad connection of effects in your use nodes and passives. Most of builds with good passive and nodes/spell choose can make your character OP without gear. Try to think about respec

Without looking at anything else your stats don’t look good. You have really low armor and HP. I’m assuming you are listing tooltip dps. For reference my erasing strike tooltip is 70kish and I’m only a couple levels higher than you. I literally erase soul bastion boss at T2.

The most glaring issue with your damage is that you are apparently using one handed and shield? This is a 2hander class. You only want to hit once if you can help it. Get yourself a big axe or sword with lots of flat void damage and that erasing strike will start deleting things. Make sure void cleave has the obliterator node so erasing strike always crits. Ditch warpath entirely, pointless skill. Get abyssal echoes, void cleave can trigger it. It has nodes that will increase damage for both cleave and erasing strike by a lot.

Once your damage is improved you’ll easily swim through monsters, but you are still going to want more HP and more than double your armor. I don’t know why you have so high of your other stats like dex and int and attunement, these are useless stats to you. Strength increases armor and your damage, strength should be on everything. Vitality is fine, but Strength is your primary stat to go for.

Thanks for the advice.
I do have a two-handed weapon. I had thought warpath would be the way to go (it does void damage). I didn’t realize my numbers were on the low end (I had no one to compare to). Guess I haven’t found a way to juice the armor like I want.
Thanks again!

hey buddy am so sad to see u hit a wall as a casual player like me as the game is so much fun and forgiving which lets u try all sorts of builds/abilities kind of for free

as i play void knight also and he is so god damn strong and fun to play and u basically dont die with the right build … so i wanted to share my experience and build with you if you choose to try u might enjoy … its all about u enjoying thats why you play the first place

my build is 1 button push … u numlock the devouring orb and anomoly … and all u need to press is left click to attack/heal and (W) for movement … the rest are auto casting … Thanks to ALLIE as she did the original build i just tweaked it to my liking which i think is stronger/better version …

the build planner u see has the final version of what u want … no unique is needed its just the best of the best for it… i dont even have half of whats there but am almost there all u need is to know what you are looking for in the items it self and what to craft…

void damage/spell damage/spellcrit/ most important healing effectivness…

maybe if u got a couple of experemental items with the loss health/ ward gain just put 1 on and try the healing hands skill if u dont want to fully change…

just saying that if u choose to go my build with the very very minimum items / 0 unique/ 0 legendary… only exalted u can face tank almost everything in the game up to 500+ curroption and easily any t4 dungeons u dont even need to move just kiss the boss and keep the left button pressed xD

do let me know if u ever changed/tried it and if it helped u have funn and enjoy the game…

if you need anything els youtube is your friend or feel free to ask me … am not the best nor do i have all the answers but i will help as a fellow VOIDKNIGHT.

hmmm. I was going to suggest to get critical strike avoidance up to 100% but you already have that. Next you can try to get endurance and endurance threshold higher. Endurance % is damage mitigation below your endurance threshold.

edit: try to get some %health affixes - gear “of the ox” and “of the giant”. That will boost your health and some endurance will probably work for you.

I have played a lot of Void Knights, and the biggest thing that jumps out to me is that most of the bosses you mention require a good deal of mobility to defeat, especially since Void Knights tend to be weaker on defenses than Paladins (or Forge Guards). You probably can’t take a direct hit from Julra (Temporal Sanctum) or Rahyeh, and Shade of Orobyss can be tricky depending on which element/damage type it uses - there are several variants.

If the Soulfire Bastion boss is killing you at level 24 (!) then you might not be using the soul ember system most effectively. Either kill Cremorus really fast, or pay attention to when he changes from fire to necrotic (or the reverse) and use a soul ember to change your immunity. If that’s not the problem, you might be having problems dealing with damage over time effects, and the only real solutions to that are: do damage more quickly, or be ready to move off of damaging ground effects.

The good news is that your skills are solid, though Warpath sometimes doesn’t work well with too many other attack skills, and mana can be a problem even with Volatile Reversal. You’re avoiding critical strikes, which is excellent. Your vitality and strength are good. You don’t need Dexterity for any of your listed skills, though, and you should probably prioritize armor (which scales with Strength) over dodge. Try to get more health, endurance, and endurance threshold if you can.

Also, you were able to take out Argentus, which means that you can avoid telegraphed attacks. Just get some more health and armor, and stay out of the dungeons if you’re not feeling confident about them yet. Feel free to go into the Blood, Frost, and Death monolith if you want to grind level 70 echoes. Hopefully some of this is helpful.

Thanks for all the input, everyone! I’m gonna see if I can make it work more with Warpath, but I’ll consider trying your build too, Dully. I mistakenly thought some attributes were important to help the build (attunement) and I see what other things I need to focus on.