Hirish's affix

I am intending to do a build that gets hit on mana before life. I see there’s this Hirish affix that exists, but is a personal affix.
Do I understand how personal affixes work properly ? :
They only appear on personal items?
They cannot be taken from the item in order to craft them on other items?

Nope, its just a little bonus item you can count on if you go get it in the campaign. Thats how personal items/affixes work.

As for mana taken before health its a mage exclusive feature, they can get it on helmet/body armor.

Look into the “fractured crown” unique, it has a very specific way of getting it, but is the best life to mana item.

Yes, I did see that. I just wanted to check if there was a way to get the Hirish affix, rather than the Mage’s affix, as Hirish also gives mana regen, and all 7 tiers are described, suggesting it could be possible to get it on non-personal items.

No, if an affix only occurs on a personal item you won’t be able to get it. The other tiers are datamined byt not used.