Highest usable level items filter condition not working

I use it with recolor mode
and i get recolored all items that have higher item lvl than my level
(no matter white, blue, yellow) .

I already made post before on this rule not working.
But nothing changed since then.

Without seeing your filter it’s hard to say whether it’s actually broken or you have it setup wrong. I’d say 100% of the time when people say their filter isn’t working it’s because they have it setup wrong.

If it’s a confirmed bug, you don’t need to repost it. They will have it on a list internally that won’t necessarily get fixed soon. Development is taking priority over minor bugs.

You don’t need to see it
Its just one simple rule that don’t work
Let devs answer it.

The devs dont always answer/sometimes never answer/can take a very long time to answer…

Those of us on the forums that respond are just trying to help out where we can and sometimes the problem is something that can be solved by someone other than a dev…

Worse case, we can help define the problem so that its easier for the devs to replicate and resolve when they get to it…

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It would also make the devs’ lives easier if they could seem the loot filter that has issues.

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