Higher priced supporter packs need to give more shop points then lower packs

As the title states, why does the highest pack give as many points as the lowest? I would absolutely like to buy some of the higher tier packs but at least give them more value… 150 points across the board…


Yep. these are all literally the same packs giving the same items (back, pet, portal, points, etc). It doesn’t make sense (item-wise) to buy anything higher than the lowest pack unless you like the themes.

But these are support packs, so you show your support again (remember buying the game?), by buying the packs.

For the record, I purchased the green pack due to the druid theme, and that kitty pet. I wouldn’t mind buying the higher packs if there was content/item reason.

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Because some people want to pay for exclusivity. If a higher cost means less people will have it, that is worth the cost to many.

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Agree. The pricing makes zero sense.