High corruption rewards?

Atm theres no reason to try and run high corruption.U added bonus stability wich takes away the advantage of running high corruption, boss drops are the same no matter what, all that is left is maybe gold…

The amount of base and bonus corruption still scales with corruption with the new bonus stabiltiy system.
You can unlock a boss with 5-7 echoes if you are at ~450-550 corruption

Also higher corruption will lead to more rare ech orewards spawn more regularly (Vessel Of Memory and Vessel Of Chaos and Exalted + Specific Set/Unique Echoes)

Bosses drop their rare items more likely based on %increase item rarity, which does scale indefinitely with corruption and enemy modifiers.
(Corruption gives some bonus %inc. item rarity and makes enemy modifiers way more potent but also gives them more %inc. item rarity).

TL:DR Everything corruption did before the changes to MoF in the 085 hotfixes is still there.

I’m running 700+ corruption and u will never reach a boss in 5-7 echos…

i think thats bullshit and boss drops are % based

It’s not, the chance for one of the non-common drops (which are 50:50) is increased by % increased item rarity as Heavy said.

Absolutely you can, you don’t even need 700 corruption, this was even possible before the whole bonus stability patch.

It is important that you will go as deep as possible within an echo web.
The further the distance from the starting point, the higher timeline stabiltiy an echo will grant.

Empowered timeline require 800-900 timeline stability to be able to fight the boss.

Here are a couple of examples from a Timeline that is at 539 corruption currently

This is on a depths of ~19 echoes and you can have even deeper echoes

Even the echoes like at a depth of ~10 echoes give enough timeline stability, that you can unlock one boss fight with less than 6 echoes (if you fill up the bonus timeline stability fully)

Realistically you will not fill up the bonus timeline stability on every single echo completely, but if one echoes can give up to 200 timeline stability and you do like 50-75% of the bonus timeline stability you can easily achieve a boss run after 5-6 echoes.

But even on timelines with lower corruption you cna still unlock the bonus within 6-8 echoes.
Like in this one, that is currently at 441 corruption

Every MoF boss/Shade has two 50/50 normal drops, where it is guaranteed to drop one of two items.
This is not affected by %inc. item rarity.

All other MoF Boss drops and Shade Of Orobyss drops are affected by %inc. item rarity.
This is very noticeable.

This was introduced a while ago in Patch 083

PS: If you disagree with someone or think he is wrong, there are more nice and civil ways to communicate that. Please try to be a little bit more mindful next time, thank you :smiling_imp:


all of these pictures are best case scenario’s wich only prove my point…

what are the 50/50 items from shade of orobyss?

No they are not, 2/3 are very deep into the echo web, but not the deepest echeos possible.
The other one is in the very big average depths that you can easily do on every timeline without any dead ends, even when you are particularly unlucky.

Siphon Of Anguish and Stymied Fate, those can never drop both, all the otehr rare drops have a own drop pool and shade can theoretically drop all of its other items at once.


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