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Hide item tooltips during combat

Would it be desirable to hide item tooltips during combat to help clarity in fighting? There are many elements making it hard to keep track of our characters onscreen in busy combat (exacerbated for melee who cannot easily see ground effects etc during busy combat with he screen filled with numbers and spell effects).
As it stands we have key modifiers that affect tooltips–hide or show them, shift and/or alt, enable/disable filter, show/hide all items. Would it not be desirable to have the attack/ability keys (QWER by default in US) similarly act to hide item tooltips while pressed?
To me this would simply mean that during any active combat, or when we are actively using our abilities, we don’t get item tooltips, but when we release (not actively attacking at that moment) we can mouse over and click things in the middle of a fight.
For many years I’ve played GD/POE/D3/VV with my spacebar to hide/show all loot and I have the habit to toggle it on and off. This works for me but I assume the problem is experienced the worse by newer players or those less familiar with the genre.

This approach would streamline combat, while still allowing the excitement of trying to get to an item while fighting for you life! I know none of us would want to lose that rush!

Is there anyone who actually wants 1/4 or more of the screen covered by a tooltip or a tooltip+comparison DURING ACTIVE COMBAT? Would love to hear some other opinions or if there are cases I’ve not paid attention to.

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The item filter is located under this keyboard shortcut.

Once you set it properly, a quarter of your screen will no longer be cluttered with tooltips.

Some people in this forum also provide their own filter settings, these are downloadable.

Since everyone likes to have their own preferences, I would rather recommend you to take a closer look at the said loot filter.

Kind regards

Absolutely, the Loot Filter is a godsend and I love the LE implementation (firewall engineer for many years so its super familiar).
I’ll still have items showing that my filter permits, and the popup tooltips for items are still huge (even worse, if you have auto-compare on like I do).

Do you have a scenario where you like/want/appreciate the item tooltips WHILE you are pressing attack or skill buttons? This is what I was trying to find out. There are loads of ways to minimise these tooltips, as you say the amazing Loot Filter or the other options I described that already give us some control.

Was my suggestion narrow-minded and I didn’t see how the current implementation helped a certain playstyle? I thought my suggestion would be VERY cheap to implement (modifier tag for the key and not much else?) and I couldn’t think of anyone who wouldn’t benefit.

Am I wrong?

While I knock down the monsters, the more usable things are picked up immediately.
→ Admittedly, with some skills this is a bit more difficult than with others.

Little EDIT-Question here: Do you play with Gamepad or Keyboard+Mouse?

EDIT2: Short story:
When we played Diablo 2 on a LAN back in the 90s, it was very similar.
When there was that unmistakably bright “a ring just fell sound”, basically everyone stopped knocking the monsters around for a while and much preferred to look for the ring - and the confused monsters after the searching ones.
Was always funny.

More options are usually desired in this forum and by quite a few members, so why not? :slight_smile:

[quote=“Neokortex, post:4, topic:36393”]
Little EDIT-Question here: Do you play with Gamepad or Keyboard+Mouse?[/quote]
Keyb+mouse–I’m an old man with slow reactions, I need every advantage I can get and am simply too slow for a pad in this type of game /shrug

Yeah! Great memories :)) We certainly don’t want to lose that feeling when MP is ready!

After over 30 years of sporadic use, I still can’t stand gamepads (either). I really don’t like 'em.

As for “exploiting every advantage.”

Have you heard of “Autocast”?

Simply hold down the corresponding key (1 for Q, 2 for W, etc.) on the “Num block” and then deactivate the “Num block” with the “Num block key”.
This way, one after the other or even several capabilities at the same time can be activated automatically in loop without mouse software, keyboard software or macro software.
→ I write this only because it sounds like something that could be very useful for you.

Translated with (free version)

Kind thoughts from a random Internet stranger!
You made my day, sir!

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