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Hi all, kinda feel silly but multiplayer?

Hi, so I am in a awkward place. I found out about this game 3 days ago while catching up on Rhykkers vids. Immediately supported and began playing. Love the game and immensely recommended it to my core players/friends. They all bought and we set time aside to well you know bask in loot and theory craft points builds and all the good things that coincide. Went to group up and nods… so now I look well… will multiplayer be here in the beta at least? Also before posting I tried to talk in server chat to no avail… insights truly welcomed… cannot wait to return in game and lunge into another spider in a rock. :slight_smile: truly love the game

Multiplayer will come in beta but not the initial launch as mentioned by devs. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the reply, looking forward to the beta! Any idea when that will be?

Beta is end of this month! Watch for it!

ty, have a good one !

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