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Hey hey!

Hey everyone, my name is rainyplu! I just downloaded the demo for the game, I’m really looking forward to trying it tomorrow. I love the idea of time traveling in an ARPG, I also love the game Grim Dawn and Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (hence the avatar). I hope you all have a nice day/evening wherever you are in the world :slight_smile:

Hi - welcome!

We’re super excited to have you on board. I really like Grim Dawn - I think their art style is fantastic and I love how cool some of their gear pieces are without being overly reliant on glows and particle effects. They definitely have a “less is more” approach I think works incredibly well.

What’s your favourite content in Grim Dawn, if you don’t mind me asking? Dungeons such as Bastion of Chaos, bounty farming, or something else? I think mine’s probably the Crucible DLC. We don’t plan on relegating Last Epoch to being a cheap imitation of something already on the market, but we’d love to hear from people about what they really enjoy in other ARPGs to help inform our internal decisions and priorities. :slight_smile:

And I hope you have a wonderful day yourself!

Thank you!

About Grim Dawn, it’s one of my all-time favourite games, I have well over 1000 hours in it on Steam and I love it. I like killing nemeses and bosses, I like the dungeons a lot, I like the feeling of getting a good piece of gear that I was looking for and I really like just immersing myself in the game and the atmosphere in general. One of the things that I am the most happy about concerning Grim Dawn are the devs. They always listen to the players, they work hard and with passion and they want to create the best gaming experience they can for their players. Something I really respect. On the other hand, I feel like Grim Dawn has a bit of a lack of end game activities, which I can see that this game will be getting plenty of. Like, things to do to get the gear you want or even after you’ve fully maxed out a character. My wife loves Grim Dawn too (we play it together), however, one thing she doesn’t like that much, that I tend to agree with her on, is that the game has a lack of ways to get exactly the item you’re looking for. It’s just too random. For example, she thinks that it would be great if you could kill a certain boss or go to a certain dungeon and know that you have good chances of getting that exact item.

I just played the demo for Last Epoch for the first time - I’ve only just now managed to put it down after an hour or more and I gotta say, I am very, very, positively surprised and impressed with it. First of all, I really like the graphics and the art style. It’s very pleasant to look at and very pretty. I like the design of how items like armours and weapons look. I really like the music too! It reminds me of Diablo 2 at times and yet it’s got it’s own vibe. I even thought I heard some Opeth in there at one point. The way the skills feel is really nice, I think. Combat feels satisfying, even at this early stage (I played as the beastmaster). Right in the beginning, right after making my char and starting in the world, I was like “Wow!” all the time, for lack of a better explanation. Over all, I was having a blast playing this game.

I want to say that I am really excited by this project that you guys are doing, I can’t wait for the kickstarter to launch so I can support you guys financially. I really hope that this project turns out amazing, I’m sure it will. I really see a lot of potential in it and I cannot wait to see the game develop into my next favourite ARPG.

This got longer than I intended, thanks to everyone who reads it :slight_smile: I really wanted to give my feedback on the demo so far. I’ll be sure to stick around and should I come up with more feedback or things I’d like to see added to the game, I’ll be sure to let you know.

Thanks for the feedback rainyplu, it’s been amazing to see the game grow and people play it.

I actually just got Grim Dawn on sale yesterday, and I’m quite enjoying it.

See you around!

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