Herald of the Scurry

It took me over 7 hours to target farm Herald of the Scurry but was so worth it!! I love this item. I actually feed real squirrels outside my balcony’s sliding glass door. It’s awesome to be shedding through content with my army of squirrels only to look over and see the real ones watching the action unfold through the glass door. This Item is awesome Thanks Zizaran and EHG!

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Where did you farm it?

Anywhere with an area level at or above the level of the item. Or the mono that gives unique/set helms as node rewards.

Thanks for the info! I am only level 60 now and I can’t wait to get it. I also have lots of furry friends. I feed them whole peanuts every night before sundown so they can go to bed with nice full bellies :slight_smile:

And Runes of Ascendance.

Yeah, but you can’t use them to farm (or farm them).

Guy wants to get a Scurry helm.

Llama wants to play lawyer about the word ‘farm’ so has to get a one-up for Runes of Ascendance. Letter of the law versus spirit of the law.

Seriously, man? LOLFOF. You can’t just say, oh, yeah that’s another way you can try to target getting a Scurry helm?"

You must be new here…


I found mine farming the BLACK SUN echos. The black sun has a chance to produce maps that reward completion with a set or unique helm. I think I was level 85 farming level 66 black sun echos when it dropped. The stats on mine rolled low so now that I unlocked the level 100 maps I am farming for one with a better roll. My advice is to do your echos and fill out the web as most you can before resetting it with an Orobyss fight. Save the nodes that reset or replace any claimed rewards and use those last on a fully mapped tree to see if you can get a set or unique node. It might take a while but don’t give up. It’s so worth it when you get that drop. Message me if I can be any more help. Good Luck!