Heorot AoE and charge are a killer combo

I’m trying to do Empowered Heorot with 187 corruption and his AoE is insta-killing me as soon as he charges away from me. My character does not have any movement skill since I’m playing a Primalist and am transformed into Spriggan form. So I’m not able to teleport/leap/move together with him when he charges.

Can anyone give me any advise how to progress? I don’t think this fight is very fair for Spriggan form :frowning:

Just a note that I’m able to do other content with this corruption level just fine - i.e. it’s not a matter of my character being too squishy.

Gotta predict his movements by the position he’s facing and time his charges, that or do Heorot on other, more agile toons. LMAO

Until necro had some good mobility I basically skipped that fight in empowered unless I really needed his blessings. Those charges can be hell since he’ll basically queue charges one after the other.

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Heorot always charge directly towards you character and does a wind-up animation.

This means:
a) you can control where exactly he is charging
b) when he winds up to charge you can prematurely move into that direction

because of a) you can lure him to the edge of the arena and make him dash into the edge, which causes him to not dash far away from you.

I still would recommend good movementspeed on this (at least 25-35+, which means endgame viably boots with T5 movement speed affix)

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go near walls and make him charge in walls he will stay near you

shoosh… dont give away secrets… :wink:

forgotten the number of times I have gotten him stuck in the walls on the sides, but I expect that to be fixed eventually.

You can also wear a silvafrond unique ring that will give you a tp on summon vines if you build allows it