Help with new build

Hello everyone.

I am pretty new to the game and I would like to know any solid and effective build of Primalist or Sentinel.

Something that can deal nice dmg and have a decent survivability.


Primalist - Beastmaster is probably the most new player friendly and easy to pilot build there is. Also my first build was a Maelstrom/ice thorn totem build for shaman, leveling was a breeze.

In my experience, Sentinel as a base class is more difficult to level (unless you have a stash full of leveling items). Paladin is great once you get there, but seems like Void Knight and Forge Guard are a bit under powered at the moment. You can still make something work with them but I wouldn’t necessarily recommend them for your first playthrough. I’m sure others may disagree but hey that’s my opinion so far. Good luck!

The werebear form from the Druid is any good?
I would like to build a werebear focused in high dmg and high survivability if possible.

Do you recommend me it?

Druid is currently very strong, you should have no issues. I don’t have much experience with Druid myself but from what I gather its one of the top end game classes. Go for it!

Here’s a strong werebear for ya if your looking which way to go with it. Ignore the thumbnail its not a speedrunning shaman lol.

Thanks for your help.


There is any way to play it efficiently without the needing of have any summon? With summons I mean pets, totems, etc.
Just myself as bear

100% uptime werebear, no pets if you dont want them, but just runnign 1 will help ya with defense


Nice vids and thanks for the replies.

I have some more questions about this game… is there any way to have every resistance in a good %?. I always end up having pretty low resistances but 100% glancing blow. Is there any way to balance everything without lose dmg?

depends on the char the vuild the items, but yeah balance is hard, i usually sacrifice damamge for defense

To boardman’s point, it is difficult to balance that’s part of the challenge. Resistances are very important though, not every damage taken is considered a hit. So if your Necrotic protection is like 30% and you walk through an Aoe of necro damage your glancing blow is irrelevant and you are pretty much boned.

I usually focus on defenses first. Getting great damage or clear speed is more of a min/max thing to me, unless your damage is so low you can’t kill anything (or its so slow its not fun) I usually prioritize defenses over damage.


Which %resistances you usually have end game?

you should have between 75% and 8x% resis in the “end game”.

Which, due to the way that % is calculated is easy to achieve by dropping your hp…

Max HP isn’t that good anyway if you take all the possible health leech. As long as nothing oneshots the char everything is fine.

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