Help with my Flurry skills

I am playing a roque with Flurry and acid flask, trying to find a balance between physical meele damage, poison and bleed. This is what my skill tree for Flurry looks like right now:

I am thinking now if I should get adrenaline rush + giant slayer, but I am not really sure if its worth it? Giant slayer sounds nice… What I don’t understand is: ‘Flurry strikes have a chance to grant you Adrenaline rush’. Is that calculated per hit, or per use of the skill? So if I use the skill once, do I have the chance three times, because she strikes three times, or not?

If I dont remove points elsewhere I will not be able to max out these skills, so maybe it’s only worth it if is per hit, so I have a higher chance? Maybe I can remove points elsewhere, for example the three attack speed points?

Thank you!

You should check out Last Epoch Tools

You can create/upload and share your build there, including gear so it is easier for others to take a peek.
You can also find builds there that uses Flurry if you want to compare.