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Help with Marrow Shards

Hello all,

With MS, there are two nodes, “Splintering Bones” and “Bone Shards”, that say similar but slightly different things re: pumping out bone splinters.

My question: Are these two nodes compementary (e.g. you get bone shards both at the point of impact as well as behind the enemy as per the two different nodes) or are they conflicting (e.g. you get one set of bone shards at either of the two locations).

It would make sense that you get two sets of bone shards, but I’m not 100% sure, thought I’d get a clarification.

Second question: assuming you get two sets of bone shards, is it more worth it to have 2 sets of bone shards that don’t splinter, or 1 set that does (using Bone Shards node but not Splintering Bones node)? Curious.

You don’t get 2 lots of shards as far as I can tell (I was seeing the same damage on training dummies hit by the splinters whether I had 1 or both of the nodes, regardless of which node I took), it just looks as though there’s two different ways to get shards that come with 2 different costs (50% more health cost for Splintering Impact versus 40% more health cost & -20% projectile range for Bone Splinters).

That’s what I was afraid of :frowning: TY…