Help with making a min max judgement aura paladin planner

I want to make a judgement paladin aura build.I googled a bit and i found a yt guide that has this build planner and i want to use it as a starting point:

My goal is to have a build planer that is very min maxed regarding the gear and the affixes on them( except the rolls, i think i can manage that :laughing:) .I am not that good at making one as i am a pretty new player and i am still learning. I like to have a goal when i play games and the planner would help me very much.
If posible to get some help regarding what are the bis affixes on each piece of gear and as a bonus the skill points allocation
Thank you alot for the help in advance

There is an amazing written guide. I am pretty sure you will find what you need there

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Thank you , srry it took a while to reply , had to look into.I have an ideea, now a bit at least regarding the skills.What i am more interesed atm is the gearing, and what i mean by that , to try to make like a bis geared planner( i have a basic about what kind of stats i need on most of the gear).Like i know attunement is the best affix, but should i choose more health or more effective heal, and on what pieces? should i use bastion or rayeh shield? what T6 mod or T7 mod is best on pieces that i dont have attunemet, stuff like that to create the planner

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The Build Planner linked above has answers to all your questions in the Stat priorities section of the planner - towards the mid-bottom of the webpage. It shows you the priorities of gear, alternatives, what prefixes to use, what prefixes to get on what gear as you level, what uniques to use etc.

You simply need to read through it all. The answers are all there.

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Thank you and forgive me for what a stupid person i am.I always believed that the build planner is where everything needs to be, and i dint consider to slap myself and open my eyes. Thank you both for everything