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Help with exclusion nodes on skill trees (using Rip Blood for example)

This specifically concerns nodes which say (paraphrasing) “this does not include other nodes on the tree unless it says otherwise”. For example, Rip Blood’s ‘Blood Splatter’ does this, as does Sacrifice’s ‘Bone Nova’. The problem is, I don’t think any node actually specifies anything.

For example, if using Rip Blood I decide to go to the left and get the +health nodes to get a little health back, is that still being used? This might change the scope of my question somewhat but the first two nodes into blood splatter, if full, make blood splatter happen 200% of the time. Will getting the +cast speed actually do anything at that point? It’s not clear at all.

I know it’s being nit picky but if you’re going to have certain nodes on a tree become excluded from other nodes based on the same tree, there should be something highlighting it in red or something to show it’s not being included. That, or actually have it in writing: ‘your node will work with blood splatter’ for example. Doesn’t have to be complex, but something would be nice to know if we’re just wasting skills or not.

I get what you mean, but to be fair, all of the nodes that affect bone splatter and sacrifice branch off from that node specifically. Non of the nodes from anywhere else on the tree have any affect on those parts of the abilities in question. It’s seems pretty straightforward.