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Help with dps

because the damage of abilities is so different from reality, because it says it is damage per second but this is more for medium damage, and they are very far from the real, mark that has 7,000 thousand damage but only shows in the monsters 100 to 500 at most . this has nothing to do with damage per second. Anyone who can explain better to me how it really works I thank you. sorry for my bad english, it is not my first language.

First off, enemies have major damage reduction, based on their level.

The dps value is based of 0dr target (aka Target Dummy)

The dps does take into account alot of stuff, including ailmetns, (dmg ailments and also resistance/armour shred)

It is a tool to compare gear or passive changes, rather than comparing between abilities or with other players.

It does not really reflect “how much” damage a given skill does, but gives you a value, that you can take comparisons, when you change something (like a new piece of gear)