Help with build improvement needed

Hey mates.

I’ve designed own Sorcerer build, based on channeling Focus which deals damage, backed up by Arcane Ascendance which autocasts Lightning Blast, Teleport, Flame Ward. As defense stats, I have:

  • quite big HP pool - 2400 life points.
  • 8.4% life leech and 64% increased life leech
  • around +2000 elemental and 1300 others protections while channeling, and 100% glancing blow chance (Liath’s Signet)
  • 100% crit avoidance.
  • 247% Ward Retention.
  • 468 mana, and armor with affix “18% of damage is dealt to mana before life”.
  • Arcane Avalanche node.
  • autocast/manually cast Lightning Blast grants me Lightning Aegis buff.
  • I have 2 idols with “X% chance to cast Lightning Blast on attackers if you have Lightning Aegis”
  • tried Ward generation nodes for Lightning Blast, but there worked mediocre when autocast.

The build melts all Siege Golems/Horus bird bosses/Abomination boss in close range (consistent 45-70k damage crits on dummy, and similar DPS from all Lightning Blast hits), however I have a great issue in 120+ wave Arena with ranged enemies (like archers, or ice spiders) whose stay outside of Focus range and just shooting me down near instantly.
What can be done to improve, any hints?

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