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Help with Ardent Gladiator Supporter Pack


I purchased the beta access through Steam. On the Last Epoch Steam store page, it says that my purchase includes the Ardent Gladiator Supporter Pack. How do I access the in-game items?


Hey there… Welcome to the forums…

Most of the supporter pack items arent active right now (still coming) but you can see the ones that are available in the section “Apperance” in the top right of the Inventory Screen/UI. I havent looked recently but I think the only thing available right now is the pet. The rest of the items are likely only coming with the 1.0 release version although I think they are going to try testing some very basic MTX with the Multiplayer release coming in 0.9

Depending on when you purchased the game, your Forum supporter badge may take a while to be activated - if it doesnt appear on its own after a day or two, you can Submit a request – Last Epoch Support directly with EHG to have that checked.

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