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Help understanding how life life builds tick


I’m fairly new to Lich, and I really want to make a low life build work, but I seem to be failing to grok something important. What tools actually help you survive at low life beyond normal defenses? Is it entirely endurance & endurance threshold? While leveling, do you try to use things like Deadlock even before you’re sitting in endurance range, or is that just a trap (as my deaths seem to suggest)? Thanks!

Health, health and more health. For transform healing effectiveness keeps you there. Int/ward retention to keep your ward but health impacts how much stable ward you can achieve.

If you want to play low health ward, ward and any kind of damage mitigation will the your main tool

If you want to play low health non-ward you need to go Endurance + Death Seal.

Acolyte in general has really good armour support, with bone armour giving flat armour, Death Seal giving armor.

Thanks! Another question I had - I see a lot of them using Reaper Form, but I’m not sure how you stay in it for long periods of time at low life without something like Aura of Decay to heal you. Is there some secret there, or do you just save it for bosses? Thanks!

When you don’t want to use Aura Of Decay Heal to stay in Reaper Form, taking Reaper Form definitely makes you want to hurry up between packs, because your only method of stay in it would be leeching health from enemy.

Also if you do this method, you want to minimize any other sources of health drain, such as acolyte and lich passives: “Blood Pact”, “Unclosing Wounds”, “Elixir Of Death” and “Mind Over Body”. Unless you also invest 10 points into “Volatile Blood”, which would mitigate the drain effect substantially.

Also using Health Potion between packs, when you cannot leech helps with staying in, because, as soo nas you are in combat Lich has so much leech, that Health Potions become kinds pointless for healing in combat.
Reaper Form also has the Node “Elixir Of Death” in it’s Skill Spec Tree, which doubles healing from health potions, while in it, this greatly helps with using health potiosn to stay in Reaper Form between Packs.

Since Reaper Form’s health decay does get increasingly stronger, you will not be able to sustain it indefinitely, but on a good build you can sustain it for 1-2 echoes.
Usually I try to reset Reaper Form every Echo.

That does sound a bit annoying to maintain - do you think a build that didn’t use Reaper Form would still be functional? Though I’m not sure what other skill I’d use to round out harvest/bone curse/transplant/death seal.

Yes, it would be functional, but it would basically lack a huge portion of life (Reaper Form is like a free resurrection) and part of the damage.
The decay in Reaper Form is the reason I stopped playing Lich, while I love this mastery.

That’s the balance for having increased power & a second life.

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And I will not blame the game or the skill, I am the problem here.

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Yeah, sounds like this just isn’t the build for me. Thanks everyone!