Help Me with Aura of Decay Poison Build please

Lich, Level 100 (LE Beta 0.9.1d) - Last Epoch Build Planner ;editted;

Need Help with this build, just theory crafting. Probably need some survivability. I don’t need to survive super high corruption.

I want to run around with Aura of Decay and stack poison, easy afk build.

a tip i can give is, its not ment to be a main damage skill, and needs to be supported with other skills like hungering souls and wandering spirits. there are other things you can do, for example you can changes the reap skill from lich form to do direct poison damage. so you can use the poison reduction of resistances from poison to make reap hit harder. i also would always run absence of life on aura of decay to heal. healing does not count as regeneration, so you can stay in lich from passivly longer. Ward per second is also needed stat to keep aura of decay from damageing you. 3 ways to get ward per second is, catalyst, monolith blessing of the sea, from the lagon fight mono, and the only relic for acolyte is putrid souls. last thing you need is 2 contaminated huge idols for increased aura of decay area.

i forgot 1 stat to avoid at all costs!!! increased poison duration! becuase this also increase the duration of the poison you inflict onto yourself increasing the amount of poison stacks onto your character with aura of decay, this can kill you.

Not sure if it’ll be helpful but here’s something I did. I just hit lvl 81, doing mid 100 monoliths. It’s not the fastest thing but you pretty much just run around and stuff dies while you’re near it. I only hit Seal when it’s a tanky elite or boss. Spirit Plague to leech (and the Black Sun blessing.) Hope it gives you some inspiration for your exploration.

this one took me a bit as well worked on it. these are the skills i used, warning though alot of this is extremely ambition some of it is stuff i already got. Lich, Level 100 (LE Beta 0.9.1d) - Last Epoch Build Planner

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Hmmmm. I like the idea of Hungering Souls, especially with more cast speed. I might swap out Spirit Plague and see if that has more punch, especially since it’s an ‘on hit’ has a kill threshold node. Might stack more poison faster. I’ll probably tweek the skill a bit though so it’s really ‘buffing’ the DoT stuff.

So does Lich (for spell damage).

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Yeah, only 10% though for 5 passives pts. I’m still eyeing it if the build ends up with five extra passives. Having all of my spells have a threshold might be even better. Sadly though I think this wouldn’t affect Aura of Decay. It does’t appear to have the ‘spell’ tag.

It wouldn’t affect Aura of Decay as that is just used to apply poison stacks which is what does the damage.

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