Help me understand frostbite scaling please

That’s fine, you’re French, I’m English. Forgiveness would end the universe.

Wtf? French? Now I definitely won’t forgive you!!
I’m Portuguese and the French are our mortal enemies (in football anyway).

Close enough. You’re on the same landmass, you’re totally tarred with the same brush. This is how it works.

Well, excuuuuuse me. I had no idea Welsh people were like this.

Oh, they’re worse, and the Scots! :scream:

I mean, since you’re in the same landmass, I assume you like wearing skirts as well. Although, watching old britcoms (which I love) it really doesn’t take too much for an Englishman to dress as a woman :rofl:

BTW, I think we should stop with this thread hijack which is becoming really long (even if it’s funny).

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:shushing_face: Shh don’t tell Llama the poem was by ChatGPT

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