Help me please!

hello inew to game… i played it for 2 days was fine today on sept 28th 2023 i was 2 hours in and crashed… i tryed to reload… but when the game launches i here music then black screen and pc resats after 3 mins… i updated everything and reinstalled… still same problem…

diablon 4 world warcraft… d3 poe now all my games wont load… i am not a pc guy and i just want to know did this game kill my gpu? 2060 i 7 32ram

I doubt Last Epoch specifically killed the GPU.

Its is more likely there was an underlying issue with your GPU, RAM, motherboard or CPU that would have shown up eventually regardless.

You should run DxDiag. Errors in the system report may point towards a faulty component.

Other than that, I recommend you run a full hardware and system diagnostic.

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