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Help figuring out right weapon and damage

Finding it really hard to understand what weapon I should equip to get max damage. See the 2 weapons I’m currently comparing:

Current equipped, SWIPE DAMAGE = 553, basic DPS=250
Warrior’s Axyon, SWIPE DAMAGE = 443, basic DPS = 272

Why is basic DPS lower, yet SWIPE deals greater damage? So should i be looking at SWIPE damage or basic DPS to find the best weapon?? Why is the left weapon giving better SWIPE damage?

We don’t have enough informations to help you.

How did you spec swipe?
Are the dps numbers taken, while in idle state? Or With any buffs active?

Basic Attack dps is almost useless for any kind of comparison, since no build in LE use it.
Only exception would be the Swipe Node “Natural Cadence”, which also makes Swipe a cooldown Skill, so it’s still useless to compare Swipe vs Basic Attacks.

With the very limited informations we have, i would say, that you might specced some ailments on swipe, hence the Executioners Axe is dealing more dmg with Swipe (Ailments are calculated for dps)

Tks for the reply.

For SWIPE, see image below:


DPS is taken while idle. No buffs. The Axyon has a 49% increased physical damage and yet the executioner still results in higher SWIPE damage, i cannot understand that. So now, when I look at every weapon, I have no idea whether it will do better than the executioner, which results in me having to manually switch them to see the SWIPE damage before deciding whether it is better or worse. What parameters do i need to look out for in new weapons to determine whether they shld deal higher SWIPE damage?

The Swipe DPS is likely taking into account the bleed on your weapon & the slightly higher flat damage.

Tks, so even though the indicated SWIPE damage is higher, it may actually not be higher if it is actually using the bleed chance? So I should still equip Executioner over Axyon?

The tooltip dps is supposed to help you make gearing & passive decisions, so it should be at least directionally correct, but trying the gear out on the training dummy is usually a good idea if you’re not sure.

I’m not actually trying out on the training dummy but hovering over the swipe skill and seeing the damage numbers indicated there. Is that not accurate?

It’s indicative, yes, but it’s not completely accurate. The Executioner Axe should be giving your more damage overall since it’s also applying bleed approximately every other hit.

sorry, still finding it hard to understand.

+45% CHANCE to bleed has greater impact than +49% increased physical damage?
The first is only a probability, while the 2nd is a definite increase. Puzzles me why Axyon doesn’t give higher SWIPE damage… Yes the executioner has an additional 4 flat damage, but i would think that it is small compared difference compared to the +49% increased physical damage?

What is your amount of bleed damage? Don’t consider the chance, but the real DPS it brings. If bleed damage is 100 per second, you’re bringing 45 flat per second with the current chance.

It depends on how much % increased physical damage, % increased melee damage & % increased damage you have already. All of those modifiers are summed together then applied, so if you have more than 110% total increased damage modifiers then that +49% increased phys will only give you 45% incrimental benefit.

So if you had, say, 500% increased damage in total, that +49% would take you up to 549% which is “only”~10% higher than without. Compared to a 45% chance to apply a bleed per hit.

TLDR - it depends on how much relevant bonuses you have.

If you could upload your character to the build planner we can use actual figures rather than just examples.

current bleed damage is 117

Sure. This is it…

Yeah, you’ve got +98% increased phys & +30% increased melee damage for a total of 128% increased damage so the +49% from the other weapon would take that up to +177% increased which is 38% higher than with your current weapon.

Your current weapon has, on average, ~18 dps from the bleed (117 damage over 3s = 39 per second with a 45% chance of being applied).

TLDR - the tooltip dps is probably right (ish).

wait, so you are saying the other weapon will give 38% higher than my current? so i shld equip the Axyon instead? But SWIPE damage indicated is lower with the other weapon.

i am lost with the 2nd part of your calculation and what it means…
“Your current weapon has, on average, ~18 dps from the bleed (117 damage over 3s = 39 per second with a 45% chance of being applied).”

So i guess the bottomline questions are these:

  1. Which should i equip for higher SWIPE damage?
  2. What suffixes should i look out for in new weapons so i know that they shld give better SWIPE damage than my current equipped weapon? +% chance in bleed?