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Help about few mecahnics

Hello people, can someone help in regards of the following questions

  1. What is the cap for damage reduction on char (does it include alltypes of damage)
    2.can u lower enemies resistances below - 100 with 20 stacks of shocks plus shocck efdect pluss light pen (do they stack up and if yes in what order)
    3does lightning blast node which makes u cast half of chains on one target individualy counts as separate attacks (6chains equals 3 attacks in one attack)
    Thank u for the help

Depends on the character as some have access to DR on gear that others don’t (the Primalist’s Beserker node comes to mind, or Sentinel’s block nodes).

They’ll additive with each other so if you’re getting -40% (on bosses) from max shock stacks & -40% from max lightning shred stacks & enough lightning pen, sure. The order is irrelevant.

They count as separate hits but 1 cast (not attack since they’re a spell).

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Thanks a lot man, as for DR im talking about mage sorcerer with flame ward buff skill i get like 60per DR can i go above that example would be if i put ravenous void gloves which im chaising now would that made 85DR in total

Edited: can u have - 150percent to light res on enemies or is there certain cap?

All the different sources of DR are multiplicative with each other, so the 25% DR from Ravenous Void would be applied after the 60% from Flame Ward for a net 70%. So if you get hit for 100 with Flame Ward up, you take 40 damage, Ravenous Void then gets applied & takes it down to 30 (25% of the 40 damage is mitigated).

Resist shred is capped to 20 stacks (-100% resist on normal mobs, -40% on bosses/player), Shock is the same & penetration is just applied for however much you have. So if you were hitting a particularly tanky non-boss mob & could stack 20 shock & lightning resist then it’d be at -200% lightning resist, plus however much penetration you have. But I’d be surprised if the target would still be alive by that point. Bosses would be at -80% lightning resist (plus any penetration) which is much more feasible to “obtain”.


So basicaly when DR is callculated example 50percent DR from one source, before applying another one the remaining 50percent is calculated as 100percent? if i understand u correctly

as for the resistances, im asking since i believe this build can go on 500plus corruption no problem, the problem would be with main bosses i still want to melt them like butter thats why i was asking is -100 cap or if u combine light pen with shock and increased shock effect could it reach -300 (theoretically) -100 from each source


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Yes, each different source of DR is calculated separately with the “damage taken” result from the previous one as it’s input.

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