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Hello :)

Nice to see a vibrant and active community for this exciting new project that has the potential to shake up the ARPG scene. Just joined today thanks to CRITICAL’s coverage on his youtube channel and looking forward to providing input and reading what the community and the devs have to say.

It’s nice to see such a polished website and forum for a game in such early stage and the use of Discord. Communication is such an important tool and is often disregarded… even by small and big dev teams alive.


Thanks for the kinds words - we’re delighted to hear you like the website! I think most of the credit for that goes to Judd. There’s a few minor changes I’d like to see - make it a bit easier to see where there’s recently been activity, mostly - but aesthetically I’m certainly a fan of it. :slight_smile:

We’re always open to feedback; if there’s any sections you’d like to see added to either forum or the Discord server, just let us know and we’ll discuss your idea. Really appreciate your interest!

Recent activity, hot topics, or unanswereed topic links would be nice down the road. If a topic receives a reply I notice it moves up the thread, but if its a thread (the user) I have not read, I haven’t noticed anything mark the thread as “new”. But bare with me as I’m not even 24 hours old on this forum and might’ve gone unnoticed lol.

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