Hello is there a possible way you can add skip campaign

is there possible way you can add skip campaign and quest done and all portals are unlock and idols unlock after finishing the campaign by first character

Normally this is something where @AndrewTilley helps you out :wink:
But i just read this recently on discord from Mike, one of the developers:

''There are 3 dungeons in the game. Each has 4 tiers. They are located along the campaign and the lowest tier is roughly the level of the area it is found in. When you finish a dungeon, walking out the other side will send you a significant distance through the campaign.

There are side quests in the campaign which grant passive points and idol slots. There are more quests with rewards in each of these categories than you need so you don’t have to do them all to get full character power. This lets you customize your playthrough.

You can also make low level legendary items with end game tier stats on them to make the leveling process of alts way faster.

We have no plans for a complete campaign skip’’

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In addition to this quote, which is also included in the following link, you can read more about what the dev’s have said on this topic in the Campaign Skip section of my unofficial roadmap post.

Sorry @TriKster , I didn’t mean to reply to you specifically. Thanks for the kind words. :smiley:

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