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Hello all!

Just wanted to say hello and I am very excited for this game, looks great so far

sweet dude, me too. Let us travel together hahaha. Yep game looks pretty incredible so far what I’ve seen

hey what up fellas! What classes are you guys looking forward to?

Definitely the Necro, in case my avatar doesn’t give it away. :wink:

How about yourself, Keyframing?

Warlock or Marksmen. That will probably change 20 times haha :slight_smile: Necro’s are always fun dude. It’s interesting to see the different variances of necromancer per studio.

For sure!

If you’re interested in Warlocks, what did you think of the Occultist in Grim Dawn?

Hello there. The Sorcerer is my class :slight_smile:

Sarno: loved them! Grim dawn is my favorite game. You’re probably loving their new expansion?

MrFederico: Which skill are you liking the most right now? I have a chain lightning sorc ripping heads off right now :stuck_out_tongue:

Hell to you too :smiley:

Definitely excited to hear about it!

Hard to imagine something other than undead, Ethererals, and Chthonians in Grim Dawn, but I look forward to seeing it. It’s great to hear that they plan on increasing the diversity of settings and enemies. This will both help the game to really feel like a world, and hopefully lead to the Crucible becoming more interesting. :slight_smile:


Not the person you asked, but spamming as many Tornados as possible is fantastic.

So much visual feedback. Makes me feel like a badass!


Or Nohell? :slight_smile:


Heyo :smiley: This looks really cool!

hey to everyone here realy looking forward to playing more and watching the game progress :slight_smile:

Badges, what badges :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi guys :slight_smile:



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