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Heavy's filter not working for me?

I imported the filter, didn’t change anything but its showing up all these white and blue items still?

Hello Mibox,
Welcome to the LE Community!

My Loot Filter does hide normal Items from lvl 15 onwards.

Other Items will also not be hidden based on rarities, since magic Items can be some of the best crafting bases.

My Loot Filter is designed to be not strict and very generic.
It will start hiding some low level base types, once new higher base types of a given category will be available.

Taking the opportunity to give a big THANK YOU to Heavy!

I also use his lootfilters (one for each class), until I can find the time and energy to create my own.
I like that they are not too specific and can be used for pretty much any character. In other words, powerful, but not too heavy (ah ah, couldn’t miss that one!)
And studying how he created them will help me understand how things work when it is time for me to build a more targeted one.

Again: thank you, Heavy!

Oh I see, so its level 15 plus. Thank you for the clarification!!

Thank you for your kind words, I genuinely appreciate that!

That was my goal, mission accomplished :smiling_imp:

While this is also one o the most common critisism, there is not much I can do about it, due to the nature of LE’s loot (since loot is already identified)

Wow, glad you couldn’t skip that opportunity :joy:

That is excatly what I intended. As soon as you gain more experience you should create your own or adjust my loot filter pretty… heavily :sweat_smile:

I don’t expect that most people use my loot filter that long without any adjusting, just by the nature of how I set them up.

I am very happy that you seem to enjoy it.

Feel free to ask any questions that you may still have about my loot filter or about loot filters in general.

No problem, I hope it makes more sense now and in case you are not happy with certain functionalities of my filter, feel fre to give me feedback!