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In response to that Vapourfire post… If you’re not paying Heavy, you should be. Whenever someone has opinions of this game and posts in the forums, we can expect Heavy to give his 2 cents (whether we want it or not) and promote the hell out of the game!

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100% and ditto for Llama8…

someone open a thread… I cannot… dont have any tea and biscuits ready for him and he might shout and correct me…

Haha so true, especially a few month back I tended to give my opinion over and over again, when threads about the same specific subjects were opened multiple times.

But I like to think about the LE forum more like a big community, where everybody is as active as they can or want.

I don’t like to point out specific persons, because the forum is a place where everybody’s opinion should be worth it. And everybodies opinion should be respected.

I would not want new player to be hesitant when they want to post something, because they have the feeling, that only people that contributed something already are respected.


Don’t make me start with that abomination of a post lacking proper capitalisation & grammar.