Health Regen being used by anyone?

Is anyone using it? Can anyone make an argument that it is useful past low level monolith?

Has anyone noticed an addressing of the problems highlighted in this and other posts over the years?

I am a big fan of health regen, especially on endurance builds.

It’s super reliable and does make kiting and playing save even saver.

Further stripping away access ability of generic sources of leech passively made hp regen even better.
I think HP Regen is fine.

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Good to hear, thanks. I’m considering trying it on an Acolyte, but there is no good source of endurance for them…

I tried it on my ST pally in about 200 empowered mono. I think regen is vastly inferior to hp stacking.

You don’t need any endurance class specific stuff to make endurance work.

Also Acolyte has the Immortal Plate Body Armour, which gives % Endurance.

But also Engraved Gauntles are accessible to any class and of course Age of Winter and Spirits Of Fire Blessings.

You can also simy fill your suffixes that are not overlapping with health regen with Endurance and Endurance Threshold.

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Stacking HP and HP regen are two vastly different things.

This is defense vs. sustain.

I made a lot of HP stacking build and yes they are tanky against burst, but HP stacking makes leech and HP regen way more inefficient too.

I think there is nothing superior, everything has it’s up and downsides.

I discussed this with several people. But the consensus is that hp stacking with leech as sustain is way more efficient because hp regen takes up too many slots to give good regen and you end up with very low hp that gets easily one-shotted in empowered mono even with other layered defence.


My Spriggan Form Beastmaster has no leech and gains regeneration from a summoned Spriggan. This combination works very well for me.

I use Minion Health Regen more than for my chars. I can’t say why because I did not test very deeply, but I find it more useful and convenient for minions than for characters.

HP Regen for your character does need a lot of slots, since you have both flat and % regen on various slots.

I played a 2handed pala build build and used the slots I don’t need for crit avoidence with hp reg. You can get arround 300+ hpreg easy this way.

I would not argue that HP stacking is bad.

But I would not consider HP regen that bad.

Yes it does require a lot of investment, but it works really well with endurance builds in my experience.

I prefer HP Regen on more kiting builds because you are not reliant on dealing damage to sustain yourself.

But it’s probably preference.

Overall I would say that leech is stronger, just because you need fewer slots to make it work really well.

But as stated earlier, they removed a lot of generic leech sources for a lot of classes, w hich made hp regen more interesting.

HP Regen also received a big buff due to Coral Rings in 082.
So since 082 and 083 HP Regen got a lot better.

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You would recall I played hp regen on your suggestion and I actually really quite like the passive sustain. The problem is, for my ST pally which can go leech (using just the empowered blessing). It turns out it is strictly superior to stacking regen due to all the opportunity cost to ehp. And at high corruption, strong sustain is not good enough without high ehp.

I am highlighting this because I think hp regen needs abit more help to be competitive.

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So I think we can agree on:

HP regen is a good mechanic, but currently it has too much opportunity cost (Affix slots) , compared to leech.

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Just chipping in here to mention Boardman21s Regifter pally builds… If HP regen is your thing, then these builds are amazing… even without ideal gear, I was still able to get to 1200-1400 hp regen per second when you stack regen bonuses - and unlike the other HP gainers this doesnt rely on always hitting the mobs like bleed etc… Add the pallys armor and a decent level of health to take the hits, you virtually heal to full health before the next rare/boss can hit you.

Yes… HP regen does require a lot of commitment and sacrifice to DPS etc, but as a health regen its still very good…

When playing sentinels and keeping a little DPS, I tend to combine a decent level of HP regen to cover damage over time / ailments and then add bleed or something else to restock the HP bar…

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