Health Potions Lost on Game Reload

I have noticed that, since the recent big update, I’m always starting with ZERO health potions in my belt, instead of the 3 or 4 I’m normally carrying. I don’t remember losing any equipped items when I exit the game and reload it the next day in previous versions.

Was this an intentional change? Or is it a bug?

Oh, just to check, I created a brand new (mage) character AFTER getting the patch to be sure it wasn’t some odd change to the way characters are saved/loaded. The same thing happens to him.

I’m not fond of just jumping in to the game with to health potions available – I tend to use them often because I’m not attentive enough to notice before I’ve lost 1/2 (or more) of my health. Perhaps not the best play style, but I’m enjoying myself and that’s all that matters, right? (smile)

Yeah… Noticed this too - its a little annoying - not rage inducing, but annoying… I play offline (due to network issues) mostly so i was wondering if it was just an offline issue.

This was a bug in a previous version of LE, then fixed, then re-broken in this patch.

Some Devs aren’t properly backfilling !!! (this is a Dev term, they know what I mean)

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a quick browse of the bug forum seems like there may be more that just this potion issue that has “reappeared” after being previously fixed…

Yeah I noticed at least 3 or 4 previously fixed bugs returning.

Hopefully it is safe to assume that the bug(s) has already been reported by someone else and the devs know (or will when they finally get to the bug report!) Thanks for confirming that it isn’t just my system this time!

[EDIT} Just noticed that my Loot Filter finally IS remaining across sessions, when previously it had been getting reset to the default (like postions are now) every time I exited/restarted the game.