"Health Potion" being displayed on the screen, can't pick it up and it doesn't dissapear

I was playing Last Epoch as usual, but then for some reason on my screen it said “Health Potion” like it does when a monster who you killed drops it, but it didn’t go away and I couldn’t pick it up, I tried going into different zones, opening the map and closing it but it didn’t go away. The only way I had found to make it dissapear is by pressing ESC and then pressing “Leave Game” and logging back in. I have attached a video below. Also the discord notification sound that will be in the last seconds of the video is on my end, sorry :slight_smile:

Hopefully this issue will get resolved some time soon, I wish you a good day!

this is a thing.

walk over 2-4 flasks none are real. die to boss

fix this bug,

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