Health per item with this affix?


I ran into several pieces of gear that had “health per item with this affix.” Shattering them never yielded the desired crafting material. Can anyone shed more light about this? Is this working as intended?


It’s RNG. Whenever you shatter an item, you get 1 roll per tier per affix to get a shard. So it’s entirely possible for a 4xt5 item to return either 20 shards or 1, or anywhere inbetween.

Thanks, but are you sure that this is true in the particular case? I have never seen a loose shard in the game with this property.

Yes. All affixes on non-unique items are treated the same way. RNG = random.

from what i’ve observed there are just some shards that are particularly rare… these set affixes are generally really strong and very desired for endgame content, so they are probably weighted to be very rare as natural drops and unlikely shatter results. otherwise they’d be too powerful.

you can observe this weighting with affixes like set glancing blows… at low levels they basically don’t exist, and become more common as you get to higher level content. since 100% GB is basically a necessity, they are more common than things like set health and set protections. the latter types are for minmaxing and from a game design perspective need to be some of the rarest affixes in the game to prevent the player from achieving too much power too easily.

edit: for the record i have successfully gotten set health shards from shattering about 10 times, and i shatter a lot

According to both data sites (Affixes and Item prefixes - Last Epoch Item Database) affixes have rarity tiers.

Affixes have level requirements as well.

Thanks! I have gotten a bunch of Glancing Blows and never the health one, this is why I asked. If it is “that” rare, so be it.

If your like me…The RNGesus hates you :sob:

surprised to see set health and protections as only “uncommon” on tunklabs… i assume these databases are works in progress, since they’re “rare” on LEtools.

i think my theory about weighting for shatter results is at least somewhat accurate, just based on my observations, but i might just be observing what @llama8 said about having a chance per tier.

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A well designed loot game has failsafes and pity timers. You cannot afford having your customer’s satisfaction rely entirely on RNG.

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to get this affixes
you need to be careful
look at all rings, amulets and relics that droped
even the blue ones
I also recommend using a character with a high LVL (above 70)

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