Health going back

When you getting hit, you lose health and lost health becomes yellowish and real health is going up a little. What is this?

Seems like basic mechanic but I don’t know how it is called. Maybe some stats.

Reaper Form maybe ? Check this:

Lich (while in Reaper Form) has a “second health bar” and also a skill that sets your health to a certain %, this combined with tons of leech creates an effect similar to what you’re describing.

I thought it is basic mechanic, but now I am not sure

What we see on your screenshot is only visual feedback for health loss. If your health goes back up, it’s probably simply regen or leech.

Not to be confused with Endurance, which is also a yellow effect on Health gauge, but it’s at the botttom of the orb when you hover on it. You can learn more about endurance in game by pressing “G” and searching for it. :slight_smile:


Yeah, it is probably leach, I have random Stolen Tithe. This visual thing threw me off. I guess it can be helpful to show how much you just lost.

Endurance is easier to get as it is inside tooltip.

Leech is not instant in LE. This yellow bit could be the amount that you have already leeched but hasn’t arrived yet…

Or it could be something completely different. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It’s not, as P3H4 said, the yellow bit is there to show how much hp you lost from a big hit.

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