Healing Totems don't properly scale with the Thorn Totem skill tree

While trying to make a build with the Spriggan Form I’ve noticed some issues with the totems. The Healing Totem in the Spriggan Form that is supposed to scale with Thorn Totem through the Spiked Totem node does not properly do so.

This is the description of the Spiked Totem Node of the Spriggan Form:
Healing Totems summoned by the Summon Healing Totem skill also shoot thorns. Thorn Totem's skill tree, mana cost, cooldown, and totem limit also apply to Healing Totems.

While this description mentions that the Healing Totems also use the skill tree from Summon Thorn Totem it currently doesn’t do that.

I’ve tested it whith 3 points into the Totem Blast node in Spriggan, that grants me 100% chance to cast Vale Blast from Healing Totems. Those copied blasts scale with the totems stats which is what they should do (I guess). For example when I equip idols and items to raise the general crit chance for totems and minions to over 25% I notice them critting more than just the base 5%.
Then I prepared the following things:

  • Equip “Wing Guards” gloves to disable the character from critting
  • Make sure the base critical strike chance for totems is not changed and still at 5% while also removing all sources of increased minion crit chance
  • Skill 4 points in Summon Thorn Totem’s Lethal Thicket node to grant Thorn totems 200% increased critical strike chance

This should put the critical strike chance of Healing Totems to 15%. Then I repeatedly summoned 3 healing totems and used Vale Blast 200 times on the dummy, to generate 200x3 copied Vale Blasts from the Healing Totems.
With 15% critical strike chance I’d expect to see ~90 crits. However I counted only 32 crits which is about what I should get with 5% critical strike chance.

Therfor I assume that at least the critical strike chance node in the Summon Thorn Totem tree does not work with Healing Totem. In case other nodes that I haven’t tested also don’t get applied properly this is a big loss in strength for a build that could use some power due to the lack of mobility in the Spriggan form.

If this is a bug then I’d appreciate a fix.

Thanks for taking the time :slight_smile:

Thanks, there does seem to be some inconsistency for how Thorn Totem stats are being applied. We’ll look into it.

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