Healing Totem and Thorn Totem interactions either not working, or very misleading

In Spriggan Form your Healing Totem has a passive node called “Spiked Totem” that reads:
“…Thorn Totem’s skill tree, mana cost, cooldown, and totem limit also apply to Healing Totems.”
In Thorn Totem you have a passive node called “Rotten Core” which reads:
“When Thorn Totems die or are unsummoned they have a chance to release a Burst of Poison…”

This particular mechanic belonging to Thorn Totem does not seem to carry over to Healing Totem - It is admittedly the only one that I have focused into that is skill-altering to an immediately visually noticeable degree - but this leads me to believe that there may be other interactions belonging to Thorn Totem that also do not carry over to its Spriggan counterpart. As I continue to level and play with the skills, I will update this thread further.

I feel like this is a bug, or an accident, like maybe since it’s not a “Thorn Totem” that’s dying, the games language won’t apply its passives to a dying “Healing Totem” or something simple like that, or perhaps there are certain interactions that are intended to not carry over - in this case a simple line of text like “Has no effect on the Spriggan Form’s Healing Totem” would alleviate any confusion.

Thanks for readin’

The only bug I’m aware of being reported is this one:

So this looks like it’s a new bug.

I didn’t even notice that they don’t heal any more…but they don’t.

After taking the node that increases the Healing Totems healing, it seems like they do heal. Not sure if this is because of the node, or I double didnt notice they were healing beforehand. Lots going on on my screen, lol

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