Healing hands ward?

Hi there
I play a smite void knigh and i proc lots of healing hands but it seems i get almost no ward at all maybe 3 to 5 per cast. I know it got nerferd a LOT is it that bad now or i missed something?
here is my build https://www.lastepochtools.com/planner/oXkkN4lB

Can you post an LE Tools link with your build? Folks could take a look at it and see how your skills are allotted and what might be off there.

good idea ty its done

You’re missing the experimental affix described in the Divine Barrier’s description. A common mistake from Healing Hands players :slight_smile:

You need one of these:
Experimental Ward per Missing Health (on gloves)
Last Steps of the Living

Without these, Divine Barrier doesn’t convert Healing into Ward, so the only Ward you gain currently is “1 Ward per 2 Attunement”.

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Yup came to say the exact same thing.

As OP is setup he’s got 14 Attunement which translates to 7 Ward.

To get more ward, and ward only, you need one of the affixes @Psojed mentioned.