Healing hands no longer casts when both skyfall and homeward are taken

When both the skyfall node and homeward node are taken healing hands no longer casts anywhere, not on you or at ranged, but skyfall still works.

Also im fairly sure that least patch the redux mana cost nodes in healing hands allowed the channel cost to go lower, now it only reduces the initial cost, is this intentional or a bug?

Agreed on both counts. Current patch is and Paladin Healing Hands nodes Skyfall + Unbroken Prayer have 2 separate bugs that are noted by Goose_God above and further noted from my experience below. Note that I played Paladin in release as well and I can confirm both of these bugs were not present in release and are new to 1.1.

(1) Mana Cost Issue - The updated channelling mana cost from Unbroken Prayer + Skyfall is no longer being reduced by the Healing Hands mana cost reduction nodes Blessed Parish nor Purity of Thought. Channeled mana cost both before and after taking Blessed Parish and Purity of Thought remains 17 mana/sec (meaning the -11 mana cost nodes have no effect on the channel cost).

In 1.0, both of these nodes affected channel cost so I assume this is an unintentional bug after the channel mana 1.1 changes. However if this is intentional, then there should be a note in Unbroken Prayer stating that those nodes do not work with Unbroken Prayer (similar to how Unbroken Prayer contains notes that Seraph Blade and Rahyeh’s Chariot nodes do not work with Unbroken Prayer)

Also as an aside, wearing any Wand with the -3 mana cost reduction ability does still reduce the channel mana cost from 17 to 14. So I assume gear with mana cost reduction still interacts propertly with the Healing Hands channelled mana cost, and it is (hopefully) only the specific Blessed Parish and Purity of Thought nodes that would need to be hotfixed.

(2) No Healing Over Time with Homeward node - When using Unbroken Prayer + Skyfall + Homeward, the Paladin and allies no longer gain the Healing Hands Lingering Warmth buff that provides healing over time. This is a change from 1.0 release and I assume is an unintentional bug related to the interaction of these two nodes.

Similar to Goose_God, I also suspect that the damage proc from Healing Hands is not working as intended with Skyfall + Unbroken Prayer + Homeward either. On the training dummy, the Skyfall beam appears to only see 1 damage number each second; and in theory there should be 2 numbers, one from the Skyfall damage channelled node and another one from the Searing Light damage node. Based on that the characters are not receiving the Healing Hands Lingering Warmth healing over time buff, I suspect that Goose_God is correct and that the Healing Hands “heal” is not being cast on the character as this would result in both the healing over time effect + the Searing Light damage to be missing; which is the effect that we are seeing.

Hopefully these will be addressed by hotfix (or by clarification if these nodes are no longer intended to work together).

Additional follow up

We had my wife keep her same channelled Healing Hands spec and remove the Homeward node. With no Homeward node, issue #2 completely went away! The damage started seeing multiple ticks per second (meaning Skyfall and Searing Light were both ticking) and the Paladin received the Lingering Warmth heal over time buff. So I’d say its definitely confirmed that this is a bugged interaction with the Homeward node.

TLDR: Don’t use Homeward node in combination with Unbroken Prayer + Skyfall until this issue is fixed or you’ll gimp your damage and healing :slight_smile: