Healing Hands does not proc - why?

I’m playing Void Knight casting Smite, and having Healing Hands proc off Smite, which has been working for me ever since level ~ 20. Now however I’ve noticed that when I hard cast Smite, Healing Hands no longer procs. I am not healed, and I also don’t see the flare effect around me anymore that indicates Healing Hands is being triggered.

This is my Healing Hands skill tree:

I’m directly casting Smite. What I’ve also noticed is that I cannot add Healing Hands to the skill bar to use it as an active skill either.

Is this a bug or a game mechanic that I’m not familiar with causing this?

Make sure you have at least 5 passive points assigned to the paladin class to get the healing hands skill. If you accidentally remove points, the skill will not de-specialize.


You are right, that’s his talent tree:
alt text

Edith: EHG should probably throw a red warning when the user has specialized into a skill that cannot be used. (not enough passives to unlock the skill, requires dual wielding, requires 2handed weapon etc., whatever reason)

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how are you seeing his talent tree?

Telepathy. :rofl:


Ah that was too obvious. Problem solved, thank you !

That’s a change then. Previously you didn’t need points in the passive tree once you’d specialised the skill & put it on your bar.