Healing Hands Area Size

All increase area effects on healing hands seems to not work. Virtue of Patients and Blessed Parish nodes do not increase the area of healing or damage. Modifiers that increase area effects also not working.

It does work, from my observation, at least if you don’t turn it into a melee attack with Seraph Blade.

I had to equip an amulet with some extra area, so Healing Hands would heal me when attacking some boss with a bigger hit box. After I used the amulet, I was in the area, before I was not.

I tested at arena dummy again. Healing hands coming from smite will not change the area of heal, even the animation seems to be larger.
First I removed all area size skill nodes, and looked for the minimum range I would not receive the healing. Then I added all area size skill nodes back and put on a glove with area size increase (T3), still would not receive any heal despite standing at the same location. Pretty sure the area size is bugged in this case.

It might be.

I’ll run some tests.

After a bit more testing: it’s really only the animation that changes, no matter if triggered or directly used, or if it was turned into a melee attack.

Sorry for being late to the topic. If I’m reading you guys correctly, if I have Seraph Blade active and turned Healing Hands into a melee, area size effects do not work? Including the size increase from the Blessed Parish node?

That is my observation testing it against dummies, yes.

The animation looks bigger, but if you just stand outside the dummy range before increasing the size, you don’t hit them after your increase - even if it visually looks like it.

I don’t have a screen recording software - else I would have put up a small video of the tests. Guess my old computer would die if I tried that, anyway.