Healing effectiveness

As a Paladin I’m offered Healing Effectiveness. I can only see an offensive use for this affix, within the Judgement skill. After that, I cannot see any other use. It sounds like it ought to be defensive. So then, how does this work?

It’s a defensive stat that has an offensive use in Judgement.

Healing Effectiveness does increase the heal of all of your outgoing heals.

This would include but not be limited to Healing Hand, Smite and Judgement.

Things that are NOT affected by healing effectiveness are leech, health on X (like block/dodge/hit) and health regen.
Paladin is pretty special and unique, that it uses it as someform of “offensive” stat.

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I think the original ideal behind paladin was it would be a decent healer tank in Multiplayer/solo

Unfortunately over time it still hasn’t got a skill tree for healing hand, smite healing seems buggy, and healing in general is a very weak source of health replenishment compared to other sources like leech


Healing heals missing health so it must be missing and there’s no over heal - Its REACTIVE
Leech “heals” over 3 seconds so even if you at full health and then get hit 1 second after you have attacked, health is still restored for the next 2 seconds. this makes it very powerful. this makes it both REACTIVE and PROACTVIE

Health regen in reactive and unless you have massive amounts is usually useless

Ward generation is proactive and reactive making it very viable as there’s no limit.

Healing would be much more defensive in this game and more usable if the healing amount applied over a duration that wasn’t cancelled just because you have full health and if it was applied at a faster rate like leech is instead of “1x a second”

TLDR - I think I went a little offtopic, in short, it is defensive and offensive on paladin but its just kinda weak atm because of the way it implemented.

The problem with healing is, a one-shoot is a one-shoot.

Well a one shot is a one shot against leech, regen, and healing. Ward is the only ehp against one stacks as the more you get the higher the damage has to be to get 1 shot. Healing is just ineffective against be hit repeatedly quickly to death

It’s hard to bakance healing when theres so much other stuff that can refund health. Every character has access to regen, leech and heal on hit/kill. If you then add a healing spell on top of this, you have to make sure, this doesn’t result in creating unkillable builds easily.

So currently the Paladin heals are relatively weak. Every heal skill kind if works like an additional regen source. because there isn’t really a big burst heal. So you need to spam those heal skills to have a noticable heal effect.

To be honest, I haven’t invested very much into healing, yet. In solo it is not very effective, besides judgement of course.

But this is exactly the problem. Leech does not need to be casted. Needs minimal investment. Cost no Mana. Out performs healing by such an effective margin no one uses it. Even if healing was brought up 10x its current amount, even if you could heal all your life with 1 cast, it would still be less efficient than leech due to it have no effect on a full life build. While one shots are the same for booth leech or heal builds. Leech has overwhelmingly more benefit for its over leech for a duration benefit on top if HP being replenished consistant and not at timed intervals. The gap between the two mechanics is to large

FFXIV’s Scholar (not exclusively ofc) is an active/proactive healer which has a few direct heals, but the majority of it’s healing spells shield. That would be nice as in, heal for 1k and leave a 500HP shield on top.

Many options to make it more attractive in the future.

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In my experience the only good Paladin heal is the heal on block which can keep you topped off. Everything else is trumped by life leech and feels practically useless. Have a feeling this will be buffed when multiplayer is released.

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