Healing Effectiveness not properly scaling damage for paladin

Judgement Consecrated Ground
Javalin Holy Trail

Both have multiplicative gains with healing effectiveness 5%: 1 spell power.

However upon testing, healing effectiveness scales damage very minimally, less than %increases to elemental, spell, etc.

Tested via shield to idol difference.

Paladin gains +46 spell damage with a shield, upon removig both DoT’s went down by about 3-4k per second on a dummy.

Re-equipping the shield and unequipping 150% healing effectiveness from idols (30 spell damage worth), DoT’s went down by less than 1k. The proportional scaling isn’t there. Equipping Purple rings with high rolls on healing effectiness is dropping my damage significantly.

The Paladin passive node Alignment (300% healing effectiveness every 3 seconds) gives absolutely no effect to damage.

Build posts in 2021 suggest it worked at one point, it no longer does.

I tested with/without my Healing Effectiveness idols and the damage is increasing normally when using them.

% increased damage should increase more than flat, depending on how much flat/increased you already have.

The paladin passive node you mentioned doesn’t work for Judgment/Javelin because they aren’t spells (despite Judgment having the spell tag). They trigger spells after they are cast, so

I think everything is working as intended here.

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