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Healer/support in MP

Hello, was wondering if u guys thought about any healer or support class for MP and if it would be even needed, i was looking a bit into PAL and DUDU but didnt decide yet which would be better if at all. If u guys have any ideas or theories would be nice to see them :3


Hey there and welcome to the LE forums!

I think primalist and sentinel (paladin in particular) are very obvious candidats for support-type character.
But literally every calss (already) brigns something to the table. Even at this stage of the game were party play is not even possible.

I really think once MP is out, that EHG will put out even more cool things.

Regarding your statement “if it would be even needed”. I don’t really think it will ever be needed according to EHG’s game design and balance philosophy.

But even in the few dev blogs we have about it, they already did mention, that they wanna make sure that these support or tank type of characters feel good to play.
So balancing wise they will not make them mandatory, but if you enjyo these typ of playstyle, I am sure you will be able to totally do that.

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Paladin looks like the perfect pick for a support char. judgement’s consecrated ground has a nice aoe heal either as fix pool or aura. And its damage scales with healing eeffectiveness.Also javelin with standard or holy trail has great healing. If you go for smite (proc with throwing or multistrike/javelin you can tain down heal as well.

Pala seems to have some nice healing options without having to sacrifice too much damage and do it while fighting. It’s a side effect of skills and no active heal you have to target or time correctly, what is very important considering the fast paced combat.

I think, having a healing pally in your party that fights alongside can make life leech less mandatory i.e. as a Bladedancer.

seems like PAL is the better option here, gonna try to lvl him up and think about a build to play for solo now and then respec for a team play, i always played supports or healers so i pref that style also.

Just keep in mind, that all the characters you currently do are offline and will stay offline, so there will be no avenue for you for teamplay on that char later down the line.

To be honest my HP bar knows only two states… full or dead. No Idea if any kind of healer is worth it compared to going for as much dmg as possible.

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It’s a shame that this is true - it’s something similar to a health roulette. In systems like this I always feel bad for hardcore players, as they have little control over environmental situations that cause instant death.

Hey, check out this thread I made a while ago in case you missed it:

I’d agree pure healing in this game could use a little work to give players who like that play style more fulfillment in team play. But there are definitely things to try already and synergies you can try to take advantage of. Just how effective they are is difficult to say. I’d like to see some sort of castable defensive bubble added (maybe there is one already but I’m not sure), as a way to prevent instant deaths.

yeah thats why i was wondering, still would be nice to have this playstyle available for arpg but its maybe just me who played healers everywhere ;p

While the balancing part will not be as easy to achieve, EHG definitely already said that they wanted to try and support these supportive role characters.

In the (i think first) announcement more dedicated towards multiplayer they already talked about these types of characters

Here is a quote:

So I think having a develoepr talk about this in such an early state already gives you a sense of how much they wanna try and make those playstyles work.

Obviously if this works out in the end will be another thing, but even if support type characters will not be in a good spot with 0.9.0, there will be still plenty of balancing between 0.9.0 and 1.0 release.

It would be really neat to have an armor/weapon set of unique/set items that focused on Judgement. The Consecrated Ground part of it mostly. Healing and Dot.

The Judicator is neat, but I would rather use Rahyeh’s Light, to make a more tanky character.

What came to my mind lately is an issue with damage over time. In many cases DoT is working similar to normal hits. They cannot crit and they cannot be mitigated by armour. But they hit like a truck and having a DoT ticking is almost similar to receive a big hit.

For example Lagons Beam has high damage so has Julra’s ground effects and beam. The damage is that high that your healthbar is erased within a second or two.

Mechanically for the player theres no difference. The only difference is the defensive layers that you have to build. But in all cases the player either gets hit by a hit or “hit” by a DoT damage tick.

Other games transport the character of a DoT way better by applying smaller amounts of damage rapidly, like a consistent drain. This makes it that DoTs in these games can be countered by healing. Theres a reaction time because the damage is applied over a certain amount of time - evenly.

In LE with DoTs, there’s often no reaction time as the ticks might just kill you the nanosecond they apply.

So I’d like to see DoTs being more like real DoTs and not like non critable hits. Maybe then there would be the possibility to make heals more useful, when the player has the opportunity to react with a heal.

And because leech would then still be superior to heal maybe there could be an additional effect that says: “90% less leech when under the effect of a DoT”

This would also make cleansing ailment effects more important. Because when you play solo and don’t have a healing character, you then need a way to cleanse ailments like ignite or poison in order to make your leech work again. There are skills and belt affixes for that, that are underused currently, from my personal experience.

To not make ailments too lethal, there could also be a build in leech reduction immunity. Like when enemies apply an ailment and reduce your leech effect, you cleanse it and are immune to the leech effect reduction for X seconds.

This would make DoTs more like DoTs and give healing an advantage over leech in case of dealing with ailments and DoTs.

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