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HC SSF Masochist

I have had quite a few people keep asking me if anyone has actually completed the game (all the monolith bosses at lv100) in HC SSF Masochist mode. I rarely hear anyone talking about it so I thought I ask on forums. How far has anyone who attempted for fun gotten thus far? :thinking:

I gave it a shot after my HC completion but it’s really boring IMO.
I am a bit disapointed because I was really happy heading toward a new challenge but the damage reduction is really painfull, you need a year to kill a white mob and a century to kill a boss.
It’s getting better when you grab some stuff and level up some skill but still waaaaaaaaaay to long for me.
I don’t get the point of such a reduction, most of dangerous atk are well telegraphed so if you can fight a mob for 5sec you can fight him for 30 it’s not adding difficulty it’s just a waste of time.
So to answear your question : I stopped near the end of time, not dead just bored.

I die everytime on HC SSF Maso to the death knights just after leaving the end of time the first time (If I even make it that far) they hit so hard.

I agree, the damage reduction is brutal. I think the only way I have gotten as far as I have (other than sheer willpower) is because of how overtunned Shadow Daggers are. The damage I am doing is not overly amazing but it still is enough damage to clear the maps and do the content at a responsible pace with hardly any damage investment.